How to Apply for and Earn with BigRock Affiliate Program

Everyone wants to earn. Everyone wants to earn big! You are possibly not an exception to this common desire, are you? If not, read this article carefully. Here we will talk about BigRock Affiliate program that can help you earn quite a lot of money with zero financial investment. Having said this, we will like to clarify that you will need a blog or a website for becoming a BigRock affiliate. Creating a blog or a website itself requires a few investments. But, if we isolate the affiliate program of BigRock, there is no financial investment involved.

Okay, enough talks! Getting back to the ‘money aspect,’ people often say that affiliate programs are a source of passive income. In other words, you earn without investing money and without investing hard work continuously. Guess what? It is true!

What is BigRock Affiliate Program?

BigRock affiliate program is a medium of earning money by promoting the products that BigRock offers. Whenever someone buys a product from BigRock through you, BigRock will give you a commission. This commission is known as affiliate earning.

There are many such affiliate programs out there in the market, and if you can do affiliate marketing properly, you can earn a lot! How much you earn will depend on several factors though.

How BigRock Affiliate Program Works?

The affiliate program from BigRock is straightforward. You sign up for the program and create an affiliate account. Once the account is set up, you need to take the following steps:

  • Select banners and text links that suit your website’s design.
  • Place those banners and text links throughout your website in the positions that convert most.

When someone on your website clicks on those banners or links, the person will go directly to BigRock website. Of course, the banners and text links will have special codes that will allow BigRock to identify that the customer arrived at BigRock’s website through your website or blog. There is a specific name for these special codes – ‘Tracking Codes.’

When the customer purchases something from BigRock website, you will receive a certain percentage of sale amount as commission. The commission amount stays in your affiliate account. BigRock will pay the amount on the chosen date through the method you prefer (such as bank transfer or PayPal, etc.).

How to Apply for BigRock Affiliate Program?

There is no atomic or cosmic science involved when it comes to applying for BigRock affiliate program. You need to signup for affiliate program through this link:

bigrock affiliate program

Once you click on the Signup Button, you will land on a new page that opens in a new tab on your web browser. The page will contain a form. Fill in the form. Make sure that the information you are providing is accurate. The good thing is that you do not need to be a BigRock customer to become a BigRock affiliate. Anyone can sign up.

bigrock affiliate program

Once you fill in the form and click on the signup button, you will get your affiliate account. The account will give you access to all affiliate banners and links that you can use for promoting products of BigRock.

Psst! Signing up for BigRock Affiliate Program is free!

How to Earn with BigRock Affiliate Program?

The rocket science (if at all you want to call it so) starts here. There are many prerequisites that you need to fulfill to become a successful BigRock affiliate and start earning. The basic requirements are:

  • You must have a fully functional website. Well, you cannot create an affiliate account if you do not provide the URL of your website or blog.
  • You must have readers of your blog. Come on! It is simple! You have a blog, but no one comes and reads your blog. No one can see the products that you are promoting. No one will buy. So, no income for you. The greater the numbers of audience you have, the better are the chances of converting them into BigRock customers.
  • You need to place the BigRock banners and text links across your site. Specifically, you need to select those areas of your site that are quickly visible to your readers or site visitors.
  • You need to write promotional content to insert affiliate links of BigRock.
  • Your website should not have any restricted content (such as adult content, hate content, racial content, etc.). Read the terms and conditions of BigRock affiliate program carefully. If you violate the conditions, BigRock will revoke your affiliate account and forfeit any money you earn.

Greater the Effort, Greater is Your BigRock Affiliate Earnings

The affiliate program is all about selling someone else’s products through your website or blog. So, you will have to promote those products. No one will buy because you have put up banners or inserted links inside the content on your blog.

Promotion requires some hard work. You need to tell people why they must buy from BigRock. For this, you should create content such as reviews. You should write content pieces talking about new offers from BigRock. You should write about the customer service and tech support. Honestly, you need to think about the content that suits your website.

What you will be doing is ‘article marketing.’ The marketing efforts will target a specific pool of people – the readers of your blog or website. Be honest with your writings. People are smart, and they can understand whether you are writing simply for promoting the products of BigRock or whether you genuinely want to educate people. If your readers think that you are here to educate them and that your content is adding value, they will buy from BigRock through your affiliate links or banners.

Never Forget

You must never forget these things:

  • BigRock affiliate program is only for new sales. If someone purchases through your website’s affiliate links and banners, you will get a commission. However, when that customer goes for renewal, there will be no commission for you.
  • Try to place banners in ‘above the fold’ section of your blog or site. ‘Above the fold’ refers to the section of the website that people see without scrolling down when they first arrive on a website.
  • Do not overdo with banners. Two well-placed banners should be enough if you select the right positions. Plastering your site with BigRock banners will repel readers.
  • Create content that resonates with your site’s overall content theme.

It all depends on your marketing strategy. The commission you earn is in direct relationship with your marketing efforts. The greater your efforts, the higher your earnings!

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