BigRock Customer Care – How to Contact BigRock Support

The success of web hosting companies, to a great extent, depends on their customer service. The number of customers they retain and the number of customers they lose is, to a great extent, dependent on the customer service they provide. BigRock, just like any other company in the web hosting industry, depends on BigRock customer care department to not only grab new customers but also to keep existing ones.

So, if you are BigRock customer or a prospective customer, you should know exactly how to contact the support system. It can be a bit tricky. In this write-up here, we are going to discuss the different methods that you can use to contact BigRock Support.

So, it is now time to start!

BigRock Customer Care – Contact Options for Indian and US Customers

If you happen to be an Indian customer, the support personnel of BigRock whom you talk to will be Indians. Yes, the support personnel will be Indians. If you are from the US, you can talk to someone from America. Irrespective of the country, the overall job remains the same. Now the question is, how do you contact the customer care.

The BigRock customer care is of two types – sales force and technical support.

BigRock Customer Care: Sales Support of BigRock

The sales support of BigRock answers all your sales related queries. In other words, if you have any question related to a product they sell, you can ask the sales team.

For instance, you may want to know the answers to the following questions:

  • What price do you need to pay for a shared hosting server with 100 GB of storage, 2 GB RAM and Linux software?
  • Will there be a rebate if you purchase the server for three years or more?

There can be many such similar questions, all relating to the purchase of one or multiple products. There will be nothing technical in such questions.

However, if you know a few technical things, you can always ask the sales team to answer a few of your queries. For example:

  • What is the size limit for each upload against the server space you are purchasing?
  • How many concurrent connections will BigRock allow for the server type you are purchasing?

You get the point, right? You don’t go and ask the sales team whether they can identify malware in your server files! That’s the job of the technical team. Not the sales team. The sales team can tell you about the specifications about the server as they have such information.

Now, to contact the sales team, you have two options that we will be discussing in details in below. Keep reading.

Contacting Sales Support Team Through Chat


In case you want to know answers to some questions before you make a purchase, you don’t have to login into BigRock website or signup. You can avail the chat support simply by clicking on the link on top which says, ‘Chat with Sales.’ Clicking on the “Chat with Sales’ link will land you on a new page where you need to provide a few information about yourself like your name, your email ID, your phone number, select the type of product for which you have a query and then, start chatting. It is as simple as that!

Contacting Sales Support Team Through Phone

If chatting is not your thing, you can always talk to a person from the sales team over the telephone. There are toll-free numbers that you can use. The numbers are different for US and Indian customers. They are:

  • The toll-free number for Indian customers: 1800-266-7625
  • The toll-free number for US customers: +1-866-573-0917

If you are from India and you do not want to call to a toll-free number, you can call the following number as well: +91-22-6720-9001.

Contacting Sales Support Team Through Email

Email support from the sales team is also available. The email id that can write to is Yes, the email id is the same for US and Indian citizens.

BigRock Customer Care: Tech Support of BigRock

In case you have already purchased a product from BigRock, and you are struggling with something technical, you need to contact the tech team. Their technical knowledge is better than that of the sales team. So, they can better deal with technical queries like, ‘how to add or delete MX records,’ ‘how to clear DNS cache of the computer,’ ‘how to edit DNS records of domains,’ etc.

You can find the contact options for US and Indian citizens in the table below:

Options AvailableIndian CustomersUS Customers
Creating Support TicketGo to this linkGo to this link
Phone Call0824-6614011+1-866-573-0917
FaxNot Available+1-415-358-0893
ChatAvailable but requires some navigationAvailable but requires some navigation

In case you want to create a ticket or start a chat, you will have to follow the link addresses, given above. Once you reach the new link, click on the green button on top which reads, ‘Login for Ticket or Chat.’

bigrock customer care

Once you do that (that is you click on it and login), you will see a list of your products. In that list, you will see three vertical dots on the right side corresponding to each of your product.

bigrock customer care

Click on the vertical dots, and a drop-down menu will come where you can see, ‘Start Chat’ and ‘Ask Big R.’ If you click on ‘Start Chat’ option, you will go to the chat room. There you can chat with someone from the tech team. If no one from the tech team is available, you can leave a ticket (an email). A form will show up where you can provide all the necessary details. Once the support team becomes active, they will reply to your ticket.

If you click on ‘Ask Big R’ you will see a small chat window pop-up at the corner of the window. Big R is a chatbot. So, you will perhaps not want to talk to a bot!

BigRock Customer Care: Billing and Complaints Support

Yes, BigRock has Billing Support and Complaints Support as well. If you have some issues with the billing, you can contact the billing team. If you want to report abuse activity or false whois or spam, you can submit the complaints directly from the web forms available on BigRock website.

The details for Billing Support are:

  • Indian customers:
  • US customers: Phone: +1-866-573-0917, Fax: +1-415-358-0893, Ticket: Login through this link and create a support ticket.

For complaint support, follow this link and click on individual links listed under the title ‘COMPLAINTS.’

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