BigRock Rs.99 Domain Coupons

With our BigRock Rs. 99 Coupons, you can register a NET, IN or COM Domain only for Rs. 99. These COM and IN Coupon codes can only be used by new customers while the NET coupon code can also be used by existing BigRock customers.

This price is applicable only to the first year of the registration of COM, NET or IN, from the second year domain can only be renewed with a general price.

BigRock Rs. 99 (or Less) Coupons

Get .COM domain for Rs. 99 for 1 year when purchased for 2 years
Get .NET domain for Rs. 99
Get .IN domain for Rs. 99

Domain registration usually costs several hundred rupees. What if you can get a Top Level Domain (TLD) for just Rs.99? Yes, that is very much possible with BigRock Rs.99 coupons. Of course, there are some web hosting companies out there in the market that offer free domains with every hosting package you purchase. That’s quite catchy, right?

Think again!

Not every web hosting company offers state-of-the-art hosting solutions. Some companies will claim to provide robust servers with a whopping 99% to 99.9% uptime guarantee, but unfortunately, those claims are hollow. To lure in customers and sound more authentic, they will throw in a free domain with every hosting package they have to offer.

Of course, this free domain trick is a dirty old trick that you need to be wary of as most of them will fool you. When you plan to take your business online, you always need to ensure that the server where you are hosting your website can handle pressure. You need to ensure that the server hardware is of high quality.

The only way of knowing the true potential of a server is to either use the server yourself or to ask someone who is using the server or has used the server in the past. Finding such a person can be difficult. So, have only one option left – using the server yourself. It is quite natural to find webmasters who are frequent server hoppers. Yes, they keep changing servers until they find the right one.

Bottom line – “be wary of all big claims that various web hosting companies make.”

A free domain is not always a good thing. The next best alternative you have is to get a domain name for a very low price. Book your domain and then go out shopping a server space. There is no obligation that you have to buy a server space with the same company who registers your domain name.

Registering your domain name before shopping for server space is always a great idea. It will make sure that nobody other than you gets hold of your domain name.

So, what on earth are we trying to say?

Patience is golden! But, we will not ask you to be patient any further!

BigRock Rs.99 Coupons

In case you think that you will purchase a web hosting package sometime later, but you do not want to lose your preferred domain name, you can immediately register it through BigRock. The company is one of the most popular domain registrars in the world. They are known for offering a wide range of TLD domains.

With BigRock Rs.99 coupons from this site, you can grab your preferred domain name for just Rs.99. Yes! It is that cheap!

But, you need to know certain things, and they are:

First: The price tag of Rs.99 is applicable only and only for the first year. When the time for renewal comes, you will have to pay the regular price of the domain.

Second: You cannot buy any TLD you want. There are specific TLDs that you can purchase at such a low price using the BigRock Rs.99 domain coupon that you grab from our website. The list of TLD domains that you can purchase include:

  • .tech
  • .website
  • .site
  • .online
  • .xyz
  • .ooo
  • .desi

Third: If you are using a BigRock Rs.99 coupon from our site, you also get to choose from other TLD domains that include:

  • .asia
  • .info
  • .me
  • .life

If you want any of these four TLD domains (that is, .asia, .info, .me, and .life), you have to commit for a minimum of two years and only the first year’s price will be INR 99. Starting from the second year, you will have to pay the full price.

Fourth: You cannot use these BigRock Rs.99 coupons for purchasing a premium domain even if the domain belongs to the allowed TLD lists above.

What about web hosting?

You may want to launch your website immediately after you purchase a domain name. In such a case, you need to quickly decide on what type of hosting package you need or want. You also need to decide on the company from which you intend to buy the hosting package.

BigRock is also a web hosting company. The company has a wide range of hosting packages in its arsenal that can suit your needs. Yes, the company has a poor reputation when it comes to providing customer service (specifically tech support), but the company has emerged as a leading player in offering reliable servers at cheap and competitive pricing models. You can read our review on BigRock here.

So yes, you can go for BigRock hosting if you are ready to cope with their pathetic customer service. You can always hire a website developer if you want to drill down and resolve technical problems.

In case you opt for BigRock web hosting, the company will greet you with myriads of offers. You can even get tons of hosting coupons here on this website.

Already feeling lucky and happy?

Hold your horses!

If you have intentions of buying a 99-rupee-domain from BigRock using our coupons and you also decide to buy a hosting package from BigRock thinking that you can get additional discounts using hosting coupons, you are gravely mistaken!

No clubbing allowed!

The Rs. 99 discount coupons for purchasing Top Level Domains from BigRock are standalone coupons. You cannot club them with any other offer.

In other words, when you purchase the two products at once, you can apply a discount code for any one of the two products. So, a discount code is applicable either for a domain name you want to purchase or for the web hosting package you want to purchase. You need to pay the full price for the other product.

That is the rule for BigRock Rs.99 coupons that the company is offering. It is a bummer, but that is how it works! Rules are rules!

Rules and regulations for all BigRock coupons

Discount codes or promotional offers always have certain limitations. You have to follow the rules. Whether you are opting for domain coupons or web hosting coupons from BigRock, always follow the rules. The rules are:

  • One customer can use only one coupon. You cannot use multiple coupons. You may ask, ‘what if I make separate purchases?’ Even then you are not allowed to use multiple coupons. You need to create an account with BigRock to purchase a product. It means that you will be giving your email ID. You cannot use the second coupon using that same email ID.
  • Renewals do not come under the purview of coupons. Whether you are going for a discounted price for a domain name registration or a hosting space, you have to renew the product(s) at a regular price. So, discounts are valid only and only for the first
  • BigRock can withdraw all offers at any given moment. You cannot challenge their decision.
  • Coupon for a particular product is not applicable to a different product. So, if you think of buying a VPS server using a discount code for a shared server, you cannot do so.
  • If you cancel a product and of for a refund with the first year, you will get a refund at the prorated basis, and that too after the billing team takes account of the coupon discount.

Benefits of using BigRock Rs.99 Coupons and other offers

Using BigRock coupons comes with at least three benefits. Can you sum them up? Okay, we will save you the trouble and put them together for you. Here are the benefits:

  • Discounts mean savings! Yes, you can save money by using discount codes from BigRock. You can use the money for purchasing other products, or you can keep the money in your bank account.
  • You can test drive a product that BigRock offers at a low price. Come on! You will not want to pay the full price and test a product. What if the product turns out to be dissatisfactory? Of course, refunds are there but, refunds take place on a prorated basis. So, you can never get the entire money back. It is better that you purchase a product with BigRock at a discounted price and test it for a short period. If you are happy, you can continue to use the product by renewing the same, or you can make a switch to another web hosting company.
  • BigRock coupons can reduce your overall expenses for launching a website. There are many expenses apart from just purchasing a domain and a hosting package. You need to purchase SSL certificates (not mandatory but good because Google prefers HTTPS over HTTP), email hosting and more. You may need the expertise of a website developer for developing your website, or you may have to purchase a theme for your website. There are a lot of expenses. Discounts on domain name registration or web hosting packages from BigRock can help you minimize the expenses.


BigRock Rs.99 coupons are a great way to get your unique domain names at just INR 99 for an entire year. That’s less than your daily expenses. So, why are you waiting? Hurry up and get yourself an awesome domain for an unbelievably low price.