HostGator Coupons

If you think that you need to be a computer wizard of the sorts to get HostGator coupons, you are plain wrong! You can find different promo codes right here. Whether you are looking for discounts on your web hosting purchase or a great deal for domain name registration, you can access a wide range of discount offers from HostGator right here on this page. Just pick the one that you want and shop around!

It looks like you have a lot of questions. For instance, you want to know the complete list of products and services HostGator offers. You may even want to learn a bit about the company. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the answers to your questions. We will start with HostGator company profile. Sounds good? Let’s begin!

HostGator – Origins and Company Details

HostGator is a web hosting company. It came into existence in the year 2002 on October 23. Brent Oxley founded the company. Today, the company’s headquarters is in Houston, Texas, USA.

Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that HostGator is a fully-owned subsidiary of Endurance International Group. Yes, it is the same company that also owns BigRock – yet another famous web hosting company.

For those who have already used both BigRock and HostGator know that both the companies have an uncanny similarity in their hosting interface, chat support interface and personal account interface. The only striking difference is the noticeable color difference of those interfaces.

Whatever! We are not here to discuss their similarities and difference. Let’s talk about HostGator.

Brent Oxley was a student at Florida Atlantic University when he started the company in 2002. Within just four years, the company successfully registered 200,000 + domain names.

The company started in Boca Raton, Florida. In 2007, the office moved to Houston, Texas. In 2008, the company entered the list of fastest-growing American companies, grabbing the 21st position in the whole of USA.

In 2010, HostGator opened a new office in Austin, Texas. Just a year later, it started operating in India and opened a new office in Maharashtra’s Nasik. The company also opened a new data center in Nasik.

In 2012, Endurance International Group purchased the company against a price of USD 225 million. The reason that Oxley cited for selling the company was that he wanted to experience world travel before fathering children.

That’s a sweet and small history of HostGator’s origin and journey so far. There is no point bogging you with unnecessary details. So, it is always a prudent choice to discuss the promo codes of HostGator.

Understanding Promo Codes from HostGator

It is now the 16th year of business for HostGator, and they have earned themselves a reputation that they carry with pride. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same the same feeling. Of course, there are disappointed customers. Most of them have genuine concerns that HostGator has failed to resolve. Some of them are just ‘difficult to please’ customers. They are not pleased with the pricing; they are not happy with the products, they are not satisfied with the customer service and more!

In case you happen to be a person who believes that HostGator is not a budget hosting company, here is a simple reason for you to shake off that thought – ‘coupons.’

How about getting a nice discount when you purchase a hosting plan? How about some money-saving options when you decide to gift your website an SSL certificate? How about a discounted price for registering a new domain?

Yes! You can get a HostGator coupon for almost every product or service they sell. You can get those coupons right here on this very site!

Promo Code for Every Product & Service

Come on, ask it! Don’t be shy! We know you want to know.

Okay fine! We will ask the question for you – ‘discounts codes are available for which products and services of HostGator?’

So, here is the answer: HostGator’s promo codes are available for the following services and products:

  • Web hosting plans
  • Domain registration service
  • SSL certificate
  • Website backup with CodeGuard
  • Website protection with SiteLock

That’s the general list of products and services they offer. So yes, they have discount codes available for all products and services.

Terms & Conditions of HostGator Discount Codes

There are specific terms and conditions that you must know. They are:

  • Unless HostGator officially declares it, these discounts are not available for any renewals. These codes can be used only and only for new purchases.
  • These codes are not evergreen. It means that HostGator can withdraw the discount deals anytime without prior notice.
  • The deals are limited time offers. They will expire sooner or later.
  • Discounts are applicable only for a predefined time frame. In other words, if you are using a discount code for purchasing a hosting plan, you can enjoy the discounted price for only one year from the date of purchase. When renewal time comes, you need to pay the usual price. Yes sir, all good things eventually come to an end.

How to Use HostGator Promo Deals?

Using HostGator promo deals is a no-brainer! Here is a list view of the simple steps that you need to take to use those deals:

  • Click on the code you see on this site.
  • Go to HostGator checkout page and insert the code in the designated box.
  • Hit the ‘apply’ button. The code will apply to the total billing amount, and the discounted price will show up. Now, pay the discount price!
hostgator coupon

Applying HostGator Coupon

Tell us honestly, ‘was it rocket science?’ It was not!

A Few Pro Tips You Should Remember

Making the most out of the discount deals is always good to save big! You can use these pro tips if you want:

  • Go for long-term plans. For instance, if you are purchasing a domain, purchase it for 2 or 3 years. Same goes for any product or service you want to buy. The reason is simple. Long-term plans have lower prices by default. Applying promo code to already low rates will help you save even more.
  • It is not always the percentage of discount that counts. Check the absolute value of the cut. The bigger your billing amount, the higher is the saving in absolute terms.
  • Since you can use a single promo code for a single purchase, try not to club multiple purchases at once. For instance, if you need both web hosting and domain registration, purchase them separately so that you can apply two different promos for two separate purchases.
  • In case HostGator forbids you from using a second promo code for your second purchase, consider making the purchase somewhere else. For instance, you may buy the domain from say, BigRock and get a discount there. You can later buy a hosting plan from HostGator and get a promotional discount with HostGator. It is never mandatory to purchase both hosting and domain together from a single web hosting company.

These are tips, and they carved on a rock. You can come up with your unique idea if you want and save even more!

Okay, now that we have learned almost everything about HostGator coupons, it is time to take a quick look into the products and services that the company has to offer. We will speak only in brief because this is, in no sense a HostGator review. Ready? Let’s start!

A Quick Look at HostGator’s Offerings

HostGator is one of the fiercest competitors in the web hosting company. From a humble beginning, the company has today become one of the most trusted companies in the world to provide a wide range of web hosting products and other related products.

In web hosting, the company offers the following solutions:

Shared Hosting (both Linux and Windows hosting plans)

Shared Hosting is the most famous form of hosting solution in the world. A significant chunk of the websites in the world is yet to become large. So, their hosting requirements are also limited. It is because of this; they mostly go for shared hosting plans where they share the resources of the server with other small websites on the same server.

Shared Hosting from HostGator comes in both Windows Server and Linux Server variants. Since Linux servers are the most popular servers in the world, let us take a look at the Linux Shared Hosting pricing of HostGator:

hostgator coupons

Linux Shared Hosting Plans by HostGator

As you can see from the image above, HostGator offers four different plans for Linux Shared Hosting. Data centers are present both in India and USA. You should select the data centers depending on your traffic origin country. If you get most of your traffic from the USA, you should go for US data centers because this reduces the server response time and increases your website’s speed.

Also, note that the low prices for each plan are applicable only and only if you go for a long-term option. In case of this hosting company, the amounts shown in the image above are available if you go for a 5-year term. The prices will increase if you go for short-term plans.

In case you are willing to take a look at the Windows Shared Hosting pricing plan, take a look at the image below:

hostgator coupons

Windows Shared Hosting Plans by HostGator

Open Source Hosting Plans

HostGator is in direct competition with SiteGround hosting services as they too offer Open Source Hosting services.

What on earth is this Open Source Hosting?

Have you heard of names like WooCommerce, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, phpBB, Wiki, Joomla, etc.?

These are open source applications that can power large websites. They are available for free. However, they are known to be power hogs. Yes, they need a lot of resources to function optimally. The reason why they need such kind of power is that they are incredibly versatile and can expand their functionalities exponentially.

HostGator offers specialized hosting solutions for these applications. Yes, these applications can also run on Shared Hosting servers but with a low profile. However, it is always wise to use cloud hosting solutions for such applications as cloud hosting is extremely powerful and come with dedicated resources.

WordPress Hosting

Wait! Isn’t WordPress an Open Source application? So, why on earth is there a separate thing called WordPress Hosting?

You are right! WordPress is an Open Source blogging application, and it is widely prevalent. WordPress powers 30% of the entire Internet. That’s massive. What makes WordPress so insanely popular? There are a few reasons we can imagine. Those reasons are:

  • It is extremely user-friendly. Yes, WordPress absolutely anyone can use WordPress. There is no need to learn even a single line of coding language. It is this ease of use that makes this blogging application insanely popular. Its popularity is growing day by day!
  • It has unmatched flexibility. No web application in this world can match its flexibility. This simple blogging platform can turn into a fully-functional eCommerce site or a Q&A platform like Quora or even video or music hosting sites like YouTube or SoundCloud! You can create whatever you want with WordPress.

However, this flexibility comes with a cost of high resource usage. It is because of this, HostGator offers specialized WordPress hosting solutions. HostGator has optimized the servers for running WordPress sites of any form without a single glitch. There are various plans available for WordPress hosting. Of course, prices come down with long-term plans. Here is a quick snapshot of the different options you can get:

hostgator coupons

WordPress Hosting Plans by HostGator

Cloud Hosting Plans

As of today, Cloud Hosting is the most popular form of hosting product that many webmasters are opting. Yes, websites grow over time. They become big enough to need more processing power offered by Shared Hosting servers, but they remain small enough so, going for VPS hosting or dedicated hosting is never a prudent decision.

Cloud Hosting is somewhere in between Shared Hosting and VPS or Dedicated Hosting solutions. This type of hosting allows instant scalability whenever needed and still keep open the possibility of reverting to the initially allocated resources.

Cloud Hosting is popular because it allows instant scaling of resources and it is fast as well, thanks to SSD servers.

Cloud Hosting can power any website. Do you know that Quora uses AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Yes, AWS is Cloud Hosting! So, with Cloud Hosting you can ditch VPS or Dedicated servers altogether. Of course, Cloud Hosting is not right if you want absolute control of the server. In such case, VPS or Dedicated server comes in.

Let us take a quick look at the different Cloud Hosting plans that HostGator offers:

hostgator coupons

Cloud Hosting Plans by HostGator

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is something that you need when your website is enormous, and you want full root access to the server. Yes, root access is the key word here. With root access to your virtual server, you can install, delete or modify applications running on the server.

Though HostGator will provide tech support for VPS solutions, it is always wise that you keep your own IT team handy. VPS servers are complicated beasts. Anything goes wrong, and the whole virtual space can become corrupt.

So, what is this thing with ‘Virtual’?

In this case, ‘Virtual’ has no other meaning but… well, virtual! You don’t get access to the whole server machine. The same hardware can host other websites as well. So, isn’t it shared hosting? No! It is not! When you get a virtual space, you get your dedicated resources like dedicated RAM, dedicated CPU cores, dedicated storage, etc. Other websites on the server will not get access to those resources.

So, how come it is different from Shared Hosting?

Nice question sir! Here is your answer – Shared Hosting will not give you root access. You cannot install, edit or delete applications. You have to work with what you have. With VPS you will have full root access. You can install, edit or remove apps. You can turn off the server when you want. You can restart the server whenever you need.

You can see the different VPS hosting plans you can get with HostGator in the image below:

hostgator coupons

VPS Hosting Plans by HostGator

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Dedicated Hosting is a type in which you will get a whole server at your disposal. No other website will sit on that server. Only your site stays there. All resources of the server will be for your website.

You can choose to buy a dedicated Linux server or a Windows server. You will need a team of technicians who can set up the server, install everything and configure the server. Yes, HostGator will not provide support for those things.

In case you want a HostGator tech team to help you, you can choose the Managed Dedicated Server solutions. In this case, you still get an entire server dedicated to your website, but you will not need a tech team of your own. HostGator tech team will do things for you. Still, it is wise to keep your technical team handy.

Want to know the different plans and pricing for dedicated hosting? Look at the image below:

hostgator coupons

Dedicated Hosting Plans by HostGator

Yes, dedicated servers are expensive. So, unless you are a large enterprise with an insanely popular website of the likes of Mashable, Dedicated Hosting is not for you.

Domain Registration

HostGator will allow you to register new domains through them. If you have an existing domain name, you can get that transferred to HostGator as well.

Website Security

Website security is something that you cannot take lightly. Hacking websites is a common thing among hackers. They target almost every type of site – old or new! They will even infect the websites with different types of malware. Anything like this happens, and you will be the one who will lose.

Again, do not take your website’s security lightly!

HostGator has several products that you can use for securing your website from a wide range of threats. They are:

  • SSL Certificate: You should always encrypt your site with an SSL certificate. Google loves it. More than Google, SSL certificate helps you earn the trust of your readers and customers. An SSL certificate will encrypt all communications through your website. It will keep passwords, usernames, credit card or financial details encrypted and away from hackers.
  • CodeGuard: What will happen if your website crashes? This crash may not be a result of bad coding. What if the server crashes. Anything from an earthquake to a fire can destroy a data center. What will happen if something like that happens? You will lose all your data. Do you want that to happen? If not, CodeGuard is the solution you want. This service will take backups of your website and save them on different servers at different locations. If your server goes down, you can restore your entire site from those backups.
  • SiteLock: Hackers are nasty people. They always try to hack websites or computers to get unauthorized access. If they get access, they can steal data, install virus and malware, and send spam messages. You don’t want those things to happen, do you? What can you do? Use a shield just like you use an antivirus for your computer. SiteLock is one such product you can use for your website. You can buy yearly subscriptions based on your needs.

Productivity Tools of HostGator

HostGator bundles free business emails with all its hosting plans. So, you are not required to pay anything extra. If you need professional email solutions, HostGator has those as well. You can purchase any email solution plan separately. Visit this link from to check the different options and respective prices.

If you need something more such as GSuite, you need to pay. Powered by Google Cloud, you get a complete set of productivity tools that can be used by you and your team to increase productivity through improved collaboration. There are different pricing plans available. You are free to check the pricing options from here.


HostGator is a reliable web hosting company serving hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. Whatever your business requirements are, HostGator has a solution that can take care of your needs. The promo codes on this site can help you to save a decent amount of money when you purchase any product or service from HostGator.