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Are you planning on launching a new website? You need to buy a domain name, a hosting server and security measures for your site. These things come against a recurring cost. Since you need to pay year after year for these services and products, why not save some money on your startup cost? InMotion coupons are a great way to save some money if you are planning to purchase from this hosting company.

Remember, these promo codes are limited-time offers, and you need to capitalize on them as soon as possible!

Before we jump into a discussion about these discount deals from InMotion hosting, let us take a quick look at the company history. After all, you should know about the company on which you will depend for your business. Don’t you think that’s the right thing to do?

InMotion Hosting – Know the Company You Want to Depend On

InMotion Hosting Inc. started its humbled journey in 2001. This company is a CNET certified service provider since 2003. The company has received several awards in its nearly 20 years of existence.

The company has two headquarters. One is in Virginia Beach, VA and the other one is in Los Angeles, CA. This privately held company has an employee count of 11 to 50. InMotion is Better Business Bureau’s accredited member, and it carries an A+ rating. So yes, if you are planning on purchasing web hosting solutions from InMotion Hosting, you are not making a wrong decision.

The company stands out when it comes to customer service. They provide genuinely 24×7 customer service. You can call them at 3 AM or during holidays, and there will be someone or the other to respond to your questions and give timely resolutions. Unlike many other hosting providers such as BigRock or HostGator, which promise a 24×7 support system but never provides so, InMotion Hosting stands true to the promise it makes.

Understanding InMotion Coupons – What are They & Why to Use Them?

Coupons go by other names such as promo codes, discount coupons, promotional offers, discount deals, etc. We will be using these terms interchangeably across this entire write-up.

So, what are these InMotion promo codes?

These promotional offers from InMotion are designed to save money when you purchase from them. Their discount deals are just marketing tools they use to acquire new customers. No business can exist without customers, and InMotion Hosting is no different. It needs new customers (while retaining the existing ones) to grow. This information brings us to a simple conclusion!

Since these deals are designed to get new customers, they are not intended to last forever. Existing customers cannot avail these promo deals. So, if you are an existing customer and you are looking for deals for renewing the services you purchased from InMotion, you are out of luck! You need to pay the full price when it is time to restore the usage tenure of the products and services.

Now, the question that needs attention is: why should you use InMotion promo offers?

We can think of a few reasons! They are:

  • Everyone wants to save money while purchasing a product or a service. That’s the very nature of end users or consumers. You are no different. Are you?
  • There are too many costs involved in launching a website. There is no harm in reducing the overall cost, at least for the first year. You will anyway have to pay the whole amount for the second year.
  • You can use the saved money for purchasing additional products from InMotion. For example, you can buy the productivity tools of Google or perhaps an SSL certificate or a new You can also divert the money and invest in security products for your website. If none of those are on your mind, you can perhaps get yourself a new gadget with that money.

Do you need more reasons? If you do, you can spend some time thinking about what to do with that money. After all, it is your money, and hence, it should be your personal choice.

Method of Using Coupon Codes from InMotion Hosting

You don’t need to be a NASA scientist to figure this out. The process of applying an InMotion coupon is reasonably novice-friendly and straightforward.

All you have to do is first grab a promo deal code. Copy the code and visit the website of InMotion Hosting. Select the product for which you selected the offer. Now, add the product to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout page. On that page, you will be asked to apply a deal code if you have one. Directly paste the code you copied earlier into the designated field. Now, hit the ‘Apply’ button and you will see that a discount applied to the total value of the shopping cart. Just pay the discounted amount and voila! You successfully saved some money!

Hopefully, that’s not so difficult!

What are the Products and Services that InMotion Provides?

InMotion Hosting provides a lot of products and services. In this part of this article, we will quickly look at those offerings in brief. Of course, we will inform you about the prices as well. First, let us learn about the universal free service you will get irrespective of the hosting plan you purchase. Ready?

Free Offerings by InMotion

Once you order any hosting plan with the company, you become eligible for the following without any extra cost:

  • Free backups – fully automated.
  • Advertisement credits from Google AdWords worth $100.
  • Advertising credits from Bing/Yahoo worth $75.
  • Amazon product ads worth $75.
  • Business listing in Yellow Pages for free.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Premium website builder.
  • Free SSH and SSD.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • One free domain registration or a free domain transfer.
  • Unlimited email storage and unlimited email accounts.
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days.
  • Free Malware protection.
  • 400+ free applications.

That’s quite a lot of free stuff and unlimited stuff! Compare this with GoDaddy, and they will charge you for almost everything! Even for email accounts! Let’s Encrypt provides the free SSL certificate that you get with InMotion.

InMotion Business Hosting

We know you are excited to get the freebies but for that, you need to buy a hosting plan. The most basic of all hosting variants is always and always Shared Hosting. InMotion refers to it as Shared Business Hosting. There are three different plans available for this hosting. Those plans are Launch, Power, and Pro.

inmotion coupons

InMotion Business Hosting Plans & Pricing

InMotion is currently offering these three variants of Shared Hosting at discounted rates. The image below shows the offer prices for each option.

The general features of Launch, Power, and Pro plans are in the screenshot above. In case you want to know about the details, you are always free to visit this link.

If you are starting a site or if your website is in a growing phase, you should always opt for Shared Hosting. These plans have ample resources to power new blogs and business that do not expect much traffic during the initial years. However, in case you have an established site that receives thousands of visitors every day, Shared Hosting by InMotion may not be the right option for you. You need to go for VPS hosting. InMotion is yet to introduce Cloud hosting. So, if you are looking for cloud-based hosting solutions, you need to look somewhere else.

InMotion VPS Hosting Solution

InMotion is known for providing state-of-the-art VPS hosting solutions for big businesses. There are two variations of VPS solutions that you can choose from depending on your skills. Those two iterations include – Managed VPS Hosting and Self-Managed VPS Hosting.

Managed VPS Hosting Solution: In this form of VPS solution, InMotion will provide the technical support you need for your virtual private server. You will have root access to your server in case you want to do things on your own or want to hire a technical expert.

inmotion coupons

InMotion Managed VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

The picture above shows the different plans you can choose from and the features that will be available when you purchase a managed VPS solution from the hosting company. Remember, these are mighty beasts. Go for these only and only when your site has gained significant growth otherwise, you will just be throwing money in the drain.

Self-Managed VPS Hosting Solution: This solution is just the same as the Managed VPS Hosting solution except that there will be no technical support from the InMotion tech support team. You will get full root access and everything from editing, deleting, updating, configuring, etc. will be your responsibility. InMotion will not take any responsibility for any damage to your website or project.

Since InMotion will not provide technical support, the price you will pay for self-managed VPS hosting is low compared to managed VPS hosting solution. Though you will be saving with self-managed VPS hosting, you may need your tech team. You need to pay for them! Eventually, you won’t keep anything in your pocket, but yes, that complete freedom is just incredible!

The various pricing options for self-managed VPS solution from InMotion is provided below as a screenshot.

inmotion coupons

InMotion Self-Managed VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

Notice carefully – both managed, and self-managed VPS solutions have discounted pricing for the first purchase.

InMotion Dedicated Hosting Plans

As with any other host, InMotion Hosting also provides dedicated servers for those who need it. Well, you are free to purchase a plan, but you shouldn’t go for this hosting unless you need it. Dedicated servers are high-performance servers that are suitable for large enterprises that host a multitude of online projects at once. Big multinational companies usually use these servers. InMotion provides some pre-configured options just like any other host but, they also allow the prospective buyers to configure their servers. By configuration, we mean that you will be allowed to decide the amount of RAM you need, storage space you want, processor you prefer and more!

InMotion provides limited hours of managed hosting for dedicated servers. Once that limit is over, you will have to put your technical team at work. InMotion will not take any responsibility for any damage caused to your projects and files when the managed hosting hours are used up by you.

There are six different plans that you can choose from when you opt for dedicated server solutions. Their names, features and respective prices are available in the three images below.

inmotion coupons

InMotion Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing

inmotion coupons

InMotion Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing

inmotion coupons

InMotion Dedicated Server Features

InMotion Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller hosting is not for you unless you want to become a web hosting company offering hosting plans and domain reseller. In case you want to become a white-label reseller, you can opt for either Shared Hosting or for VPS hosting. You cannot resell dedicated server solutions.

There are three Shared Hosting plans for resellers in total and three VPS hosting plans as well. The pricing and features of these plans available in the images below:

inmotion coupons

InMotion Shared Hosting Reseller Plans & Pricing

This first image is for Shared Hosting plans that you can take from InMotion.

inmotion coupons

InMotion VPS Hosting Reseller Plans & Pricing

This second image shows the VPS solutions available for those who want to resell VPS plans.

Of course, all reseller plans (shared or VPS) will be expensive compared to usual shared or VPS plans by InMotion. Why so? The reason is simple! You will get recurring incomes from them by reselling those products. On top of that, they come with better specifications. Better specs mean a higher price! That’s quite normal, isn’t it?

InMotion WordPress Hosting Plans

There is a new buzz phrase among webmasters. Do you know the buzzword? It is – ‘the world has gone mobile.’ Similarly, there is a new buzz phrase in the whole Internet. It is – ‘the world has gone WordPress.’

Honestly, we just made that up!

Though we made it up, it is true. WordPress powers 30% of all websites in this world! That’s huge! WordPress powered more than 75 million active sites in the world in 2017. That figure has now grown big.

If you are about to launch a blog or a site, you will most likely use WordPress. There are several reasons for such a choice. In case you don’t know why you need to select WordPress, here is a comprehensive list that you should keep in mind:

  • You may not be a coder, and you don’t even need to learn coding to use WordPress. Yes, it is simple!
  • You don’t even need to install WordPress manually. Web hosting companies provide 1-click installation solutions. You only need to choose the location where you want the installation to take place.
  • You don’t have to be a designer to create an excellent design for your There are several thousand themes to choose from, and all you need to do is find the one you like most. There are free themes and paid themes. It all depends on your budget.
  • Do you want to build an online shop like Amazon or eBay or Flipkart? You can do that with various plugins like WooCommerce or MOJO Marketplace.
  • Do you want to create a Q&A forum like Quora? Some themes and plugins will convert your WordPress site into a Quora-like Q&A site.
  • In case you want to build a website for music hosting or video hosting, WordPress will allow that as well.
  • If you prefer to have a user-generated content website, that is possible too!

You can virtually create anything with WordPress. And, in case you don’t know, WordPress is still evolving with new features and functions piling up gradually. So, the possibilities are endless.

Do you need more reasons to ditch every other platform in favor of WordPress? We don’t think so.

But, WordPress’ flexibility and its evolving nature make it a power hog! Yes, WordPress is demanding when it comes to resources, especially if you are trying to build something complex. InMotion Hosting knows this very well. That’s the reason why they offer managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting nothing but Shared Hosting where servers are optimized to run WordPress installations without any hiccups.

All WordPress Hosting plans of the company are speed monsters. All of them come with SSD storage. They have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and more! Some high-end plans have premium theme and plugin subscriptions bundled with them so that you don’t need to purchase themes and plugins separately.

We know you are excited, and that’s why we are giving you the screenshot of the complete list of features of all plans at once. Check the image below.

inmotion coupons

InMotion WordPress Hosting Plans, Pricing & Features

Yes, WordPress Hosting plans by InMotion are expensive compared to their regular Shared Hosting plans. The reason is quite apparent, don’t you think so? WordPress Hosting servers have a unique optimization that will allow running only WordPress sites and just about any plugin you want!

InMotion as Domain Registrar

InMotion is also a domain registrar. Yes, you can register a domain through them. However, they can provide registration for only a few extensions that include:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .us
  • .biz
  • .info

If you need any other extension, you need to find a different registrar. They, however, manage every know domain extension on their servers. So, if you have registered a .me (for example) domain from some other registrar, you can transfer it to InMotion. The company will manage it without any problem. You can renew your existing domain from InMotion directly in the same way you would renew a domain you registered through InMotion.

InMotion’s Web Design Services

If you need some unique design for your website and don’t know where to find a designer, your search ends with InMotion. They provide design services. Guess what? You can get a free consultation on design. No need to purchase. There’s no such obligation at all.

BoldGrid – Drag & Drop Website Builder

Yes, InMotion may charge a lot for their renewal services, but the company compensates for those charges as well. They have a premium Drag & Drop Website Builder that they bundle with all their Shared Hosting packages. Of course, you will need WordPress installation to use BoldGrid. To use BoldGrid, you do not need any coding skills. You can carry out the entire designing work visually. What’s even better is that the website you build using this editor remains yours. If you have ever used free website builders, you will know that you can never get complete ownership of the website you build. An example will be Wix!

Affiliate Program of InMotion

If you want to use InMotion’s products and services, you need to pay. However, you can also earn from them. Once you build and launch your website with InMotion Hosting, you can become their affiliate. You can promote their products and services through your website and for every referral that purchases InMotion, you will get a commission earning.

It is not necessary to purchase something from InMotion to become one of their affiliates. You can join their affiliate program even if you have a website that is using some other hosting service. It is, however, better to have a hosting account with InMotion because that way, you can give a hands-on and honest review. People love honest reviews, and you can become a trusted reviewer only if you use a particular product or service.


Should you be using InMotion Hosting? Is the company trustworthy? You may have several questions (like the ones mentioned) flocking your mind right now. If you ask us, we will say that InMotion Hosting is a company that you can trust for all your web hosting requirements. No matter how small or massive your business is, InMotion has all the infrastructure combinations that can support any business irrespective of size.

Unlike other web hosting companies, InMotion never tries to sell you something that you don’t need. If you find it difficult to select a proper hosting plan for your site, you can always talk to their sales representatives and explain your requirements. If the sales reps don’t have immediate answers, they will get back to you after consulting with the technical team.

This flawless customer service by InMotion makes it one of the most trusted hosting companies in the world. It is true that they do not have Cloud Hosting options, but they offer other top-of-the-line infrastructure that you can always depend on for your website’s needs.